Schleuniger WireStacker 3150

The WireStacker 3150 is a high-performance wire stacker for the precise, axial stacking of cables. The system is available with 2.5m,5m,7.5m, or 10m in length.

Schleuniger CableCoiler 1300

The CableCoiler 1300 is a stand-alone, fully synchronized high performance cable coiler for cut and strip machines.

Schleuniger CableCoiler 4000

The CableCoiler 4000 is a motorized heavy-duty cable coiling machine designed to interface with the MegaStrip 9600.

Schleuniger HotStamp 4140

The HotStamp 4140 is designed for economical high quality marking of wires, cables and tubing.

Schleuniger HotStamp 4500

The HotStamp 4500 marks wires and cables up to 15 mm outer diameter.

Schleuniger TTP 4000 Thermal Transport Printer

The TTP 4000 is a programmable thermal transfer printer for high precision wire marking, and meets even the most demanding quality requirements.

Schleuniger InkJet Printer

Industry proven, non-contact ink jet printers create durable, easy to read dot matrix characters on most wire and cable jackets.

Schleuniger CenterStrip CSU

The CenterStrip CSU is designed to precisely strip insulation windows from wires and multi-layer cables in a range from 0.5 – 10 mm².

Schleuniger SealCleaner 20

The SealCleaner 20 is an accessory used in loose piece sealing.

Schleuniger WireTwist 500

The WireTwist 500 is a programmable benchtop twisting machine for twisting multiple single wires from 0.25 mm² – 2.5 mm².