Schleuniger CoaxStrip 5200

During the development of the CoaxStrip 5200, great importance was attached to designing the machine in a cost-effective manner and dispensing with rarely used functions and options. No compromises, however, have been made with regard to quality, with the extremely accurate, tried-and-tested stripping head being just one of the features that has been taken over from the CoaxStrip 5300. The...

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Schleuniger MegaStrip 9650

Schleuniger MS9650

The MegaStrip 9650 sets new standards for programmable cutting and stripping machines for the processing of stranded wires, multi-wire cables and shielded cables up to 35 mm in external diameter. The machine can be configured to handle anything from simple stripping to multi-stage operations. Schleuniger’s tested and qualified RX technology is available for concentric, rotary shield...

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Schleuniger CrimpCenter 36 S

Schleuniger CC_36_S_VR_v1_kb_78480ce77a

Performance meets design The new CrimpCenter 36 S replaces the CrimpCenter 36 with improvements and a stylish new look. The new CrimpCenter 36 S replaces the CrimpCenter 36 with improvements and a stylish new look. Systems throughout the machine have been upgraded to enhance precision and performance even more than before. The design has been refined for better appearance and functionality. The...

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Schleuniger RotaryStrip 2400


The RotaryStrip 2400 is an impressive, fully programmable stripping machine with high precision and flexibility.  Wire sizes from 0.013 – 6 mm² (36 – 10 AWG) can be processed without any mechanical adjustments. The RotaryStrip 2400 can strip wires with various insulation types including Kapton, Fiberglass and Teflon.  The RotaryStrip 2400 also has the capability to strip and twist...

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Autotronik Semi-Automatic Stencil Printers


The new Autotronik Semi-Automatic Stencil Printers (SP600 / SP600L / SP1200) feature: Huge print area capability The huge print area capability allows printing up to 1200mm x 400mm. It accepts standard SMT frame sizes from 350 x 350 mm to 1480 x 500 mm (for SP1200), or 350 x 350 mm to 736 x 736 mm (for SP600L) Vertical Seperation of Stencil from PCB 4 corner ball screw system provides excellent...

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