Schleuniger CoaxStrip 5500

The CoaxStrip 5500 is a semi-automatic, programmable stripping machine for single and multiple stage strips. It processes a wide range of wires and cables such as coaxial and multi-conductor cables, with a maximum outside diameter of 15 mm at a maximum stripping length of 85 mm.  It replaces the MP 8015. This machine is ideal […]

Schleuniger FibreStrip 7030

Schleuniger’s state-of-the-art FibreStrip 7030 is specifically designed for stripping buffers and/or coatings from glass fibres with the highest possible quality and repeatability. This machine handles strip lengths up to 35 mm.

Schleuniger FibreStrip 7035

The extremely light FirerStrip 7035 was specifically designed for use in a production environment or during the installation of cable systems with fibre ribbons with 2 up to 18 fibres. The FibreStrip 7035 handles strip lengths up to 35 mm.

Schleuniger FibreOptic 7045

The FibreOptic 7045 is a powerful, fully programmable stripping machine for the complete stepped processing of Glass Optical Fiber (GOF) cables. It handles strip lengths up to 70 mm.

Schleuniger PowerStrip 9550

The PowerStrip 9550 processes discrete wires with cross sections up to 70 mm² (2/0AWG), shielded cable and complex multiconductor applications can be processed in one automated operation.

Schleuniger CompactStrip 9200 RX

The CompactStrip 9200 RX processes micro-coaxial and coaxial cables with centre conductors as small as 36 AWG and most wire and cable types up to 3.6 mm O.D.. It easily handles very short overall lengths down to 18 mm total length.

Schleuniger Cayman Software

Cayman is a wire processing software program to control the PowerStrip 9500, CompactStrip 9200, OmniStrip 9450 and the MegaStrip 9600 automatic wire and cable cut & strip machines via your PC.

Schleuniger EcoCut 3300

The EcoCut 3300 is designed to automatically cut all kinds of material including wire, cable, round material such as tubing, flat ribbon and Glass Fiber Optic (GOF) cable.

Schleuniger EcoCut 3200

The newest automatic cutting machine from the Schleuniger product family is the EcoCut 3200, which can be configured according to individual needs and allows to measure and cut cables, wires and tubes.

Schleuniger PowerCut 3700

The PowerCut 3700 is the ideal solution for processing larger cables. It precisely cuts wire, round and flat cable, Glass Optical Fiber (GOF), tubing material, foil and more up to 70 mm² (AWG 2/0) and 25 mm OD.