Schleuniger UniCrimp 200

Product Benefits

  • Economical & user-friendly
  • Quick-release applicator base for easy change-over
  • Adjustable crimp speed
  • Standard tool-less, incremental crimp height adjustment (micro-adjust)
  • Split cycle capability for closed barrel contacts

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    Technical Specification

    Programmable Crimping Machine

    The UniCrimp 200 benchtop crimping machine is designed for crimping open or closed barrel terminals with up to 3.4 tons (33 kN) of crimp force. The machine easily handles wire sizes up to 6 mm² (10 AWG) and accepts most standard mini-style applicators (mechanical or pneumatic) for crimping side- and rear-feed terminals. The UniCrimp 200 ensures fast cycle speed as well as extremely quiet and safe operation.

    Standard Features for Outmost Flexibility

    The UniCrimp 200 offers a quick-release applicator base and terminal guides for easy change-overs, especially between side and rear feed terminals.

    Additional features such as LCD-display, counters (lot size, batch size and total machine cycles), variable press cycle speed for difficult applications, programmable air feed timing for pneumatic applicators, standard split cycle capability with timing and stop-position control, standard tool-less, incremental crimp height adjustment (micro-adjust) and many more give the UniCrimp 200 great flexibility to handle an extremely wide range of applications. For quality assurance, integrated crimp force monitoring is optionally available.

    Infinitely Versatile

    A particular Schleuniger speciality is the customer-specific tooling of applicators. Our crimping specialists have a long history of finding solutions for even the most difficult to process terminals. Customers from all over the world enjoy the benefits of working with Schleuniger high precision applicators. More than 20’000 sold applicators for more than 6’000 different types of terminals from all major terminal manufacturers are our best reference.

    The UniCrimp 200 will accept all mechanical and pneumatic UNI-A and FlexoCrimper applicators as well as most side or rear feed standard mini-style applicators.