Schleuniger StripCrimp 750

Product Benefits

  • Fully programmable
  • High quality stripping & crimping
  • Programmable wire-trimming feature & wayback for critical applications
  • Alternate version with integrated crimp force monitoring and/or double crimp capability available
  • Patented method: Wire remains in the same position during whole processing cycle

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    Technical Specification

    Programmable Strip & Crimp Machine

    The StripCrimp 750 is a fully programmable machine for stripping and crimping wires from 0.05 – 4 mm² (AWG 11 – 30) in one operation. The highly flexible and electronically controlled benchtop unit accepts most universal or mini-style applicators for crimping both side-feed and rear-feed open barrel terminals.

    The StripCrimp 750 uses a Schleuniger patented method: The wire remains in the same position during the whole processing cycle, while the tools are moving, ensuring highest precision accuracy in stripping and positioning of the crimp.

    The result are gas tight crimps (certified with cross-section and test record if requested) that guarantee maximum processing quality.

    Quality control photo of a

    crimped AWG 14 cable




    Quality control photo of a

    crimped 1.5 mm² cable



    Choose Between 4 Versions

    The StripCrimp 750 is available in 4 different versions – with or without integrated crimp force monitoring and a special version for double crimp capabililty.

    StripCrimp 750 Standard version

    StripCrimp 750 CFM

    Integrated crimp force monitoring



    StripCrimp 750 DC

    Double crimp capability


    StripCrimp 750 DC CFM

    Double crimp capability with integrated crimp force monitoring




    Program Your StripCrimp 750

    All stripping parameters can be set, saved and retrieved digitally. The StripCrimp 750 will hold up to 254 jobs in memory and an optional PC interface is availabe for up-loading and down-loading more jobs if necessary.

    Infinitely Versatile

    Perfectly suited for all Schleuniger UNI-A applicators, the StripCrimp 750 also accepts most standard side- or rear-feed mini-style applicators.

    A particular Schleuniger speciality is the customer-specific tooling of applicators. Our crimping specialists have a long history of finding solutions for even the most difficult to process terminals. Customers from all over the world enjoy the benefits of working with Schleuniger high precision applicators. More than 20’000 sold applicators for more than 6’000 different types of terminals from all major terminal manufacturers are our best reference.



    The StripCrimp 750 is built with well proven precision mechanics and provides for highest flexibility at maximum quality.

    Form A Full Crimp Quality Network

    The StripCrimp 750 can be combined with crimp quality control devices such as pull tester and crimp height measuring equipment. All data can be analyzed and controlled via the WinCrimp PC software.

    As your operation grows, multiple StripCrimp 750 CFM or StripCrimp 750 DC CFM can be networked together and all monitored from one PC by utilizing the WinCrimp Software Package.