Schleuniger PowerStrip 9550

Product Benefits

  • Modular, open system architecture offers supreme flexibility
  • Surpassing wide range of applications
  • Proven easy programming with intuitive navigation on 10" color touchscreen
  • High production rates
  • Wide range of interfaces for different peripherals

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    Technical Specification

    PowerStrip 9550_NewThere are four variants of this machine, PS9550S, PS9550M, PS9550SR, PS9550MR.

    The PowerStrip 9550 combines the utmost in precision and performance which cover an unbeatable range of application possibilities. Thanks to the modular design, the machine can be adapted to the customer’s requirements and processing modules retrofitted at any time, making the investment a wise choice for today and tomorrow’s wire processing needs.

    Broad Application Range

    Discrete wires with cross sections up to 70 mm² (2/0AWG), shielded cable and complex multiconductor applications can be processed in one automated operation. Processing modules, such as the programmable cutter head system, rotary incision unit and moveable right exit guide allow to configure the PowerStrip 9550 according to each customers’ application requirements now or in the future.


    Plan the future now with PowerSystem. Configure the PowerStrip 9550 according to your current application requirements, with the possibility of adding modules at a later stage to meet future application requirements.

    Processing Modules & Machine Models

    The PowerStrip 9550 is available in 4 basic configurations, combining processing with functional modules to focus on a cost effective range of required wire processing applications. All basic models can be retrofitted with other PowerSystem functional modules and options. The modules integrated in the basic models can also be retrofitted or replaced in the future if the application requirements change.

    Processing Modules

    Conventional single-blade cutter head
    The basic PowerStrip model is the fast and reliable solution to process wire sizes up to 70 mm² (2/0 AWG). This entry model features a highly accurate single-blade position cutter head for simple operations and precise processing.

    Flexible multi-blade cutter head
    The fully programmable multi-blade cutter head guarantees maximum flexibility and precision. Calibrated alignment of several blade sets on one axis avoids offset errors during production. The integration of special tools, such as the combing device to separate the inner conductors of multi-conductor cables or the universal slitting blade, open up a large variety of processing capabilities. An additional feature is the SmartBlade™ system consisting of an exchangeable cartridge holding all blades and tools.

    Rotary incision unit for the perfect cut
    Precise rotation, optimal blade alignment and adjustable cable centering jaws ensure a perfectly concentric incision into the insulation and shield. Continued progress and development of this leading technology in coaxial and shielded cable processing reaches new levels of performance and significantly reduces cycle times on the PowerStrip 9550.