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    ´╗┐Cayman is a wire processing software program to control the PowerStrip 9500, CompactStrip 9200, OmniStrip 9450 and the MegaStrip 9600 automatic wire and cable cut & strip machines via your PC. This software offers unlimited wire list storage capacity while providing unparalleled functionality, production flexibility, and user-friendliness.

    Processing capabilities include single wire / discrete wire, multi-conductor cables, coaxial cables, powercords, zipcords, flat ribbon cables, Plastical Optical Fiber (POF) and many more.

    A Time Saving Solution!

    Cayman offers time saving solutions to cable entries and gives you a big advantage in managing your wire lists. To process a wire or cable, simply choose data from the raw material and processing libraries. Select the desired operations by clicking on the available tools. Once the lengths and quantities are set, production can be initiated with one mouse click.

    Multiple wires can be programmed into a wire list so that a complete harness can be produced in a nonstop fashion. The Software Assistant will support you in adding your own wire or cable types to the data library.

    Wires and cables can be programmed offline while the machine is used for wire production, thereby maximizing machine uptime.

    Cayman not only simplifies the programming of cables and wire lists, but also enables full control over the entire production process.