Schleuniger CoaxStrip 5300 NT

Product Benefits

  • Highest precision due to improved cutting concept
  • Rotary stripping up to 9 steps
  • No tooling or blade change-over
  • Short cycle times - high productivity
  • Fully programmable - up to 1'000 memory locations

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Technical Specification

Due to its open construction and an air-jet cleaning the blades and the centering jaws, the stripping head requires little maintenance.


Sophisticated centering and incision mechanics allow high precision processing of cables that are difficult to handle such as micro-coxial cables, cables with soft insulation, or dielectric materials. The new stripping head design allows the blades to travel perpendicular to the cable axis. This results in consistently superior stripping quality and longer blade life. The high rotary speed of the stripping head, programmable blade feed rate and improved cutting concept guarantee high precision incisions into the individual layers of a multi-layer cable without damaging adjacent layers.

Rotating cable centralizers are mounted directly in front of the blades. The CoaxStrip 5300 NT comes with universal V-type centralizers as standard. Cable-specific radius type centralizers are also available for processing thin cable diameters. These custom-made centralizers are made a few hundredths of a millimeter larger than the cable; therefore no torque is applied to the cable. This enables precise incisions without twisting the cable.

Its high-resolution monochrome display allows the user to view a schematic diagram of the cable end, complete with programmed dimensions. Using Iguana all data can be backed up conveniently on a regular PC.