Schleuniger FibreOptic 7045

Product Benefits

  • High prevision jacket stripping, Kevlar cutting and fibre stripping
  • Very short cycle times
  • Fully programmable - up to 99 memory locations with up to 9 stripping steps each

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    Technical Specification

    Schleuniger FO 7045The FibreOptic 7045 is a powerful, fully programmable stripping machine for the complete stepped processing of Glass Optical Fiber (GOF) cables. It handles strip lengths up to 70 mm.

    One Solution for 3 Processes

    Specifically designed for processing jacketed glass optical fibres (GOF), the FibreOptic 7045 provides for perfect stripping of the outer jacket, Kevlar cutting, as well as stripping of the secondary and primary coatings on all common single and multi-mode cables at a very short cycle time.

    Cable programs can be changed in less than three seconds without any tooling or blade changes. Highest process quality with a zero reject rate and high productivity ensure the cost-effectiveness of this machine.