Schleuniger FibreStrip 7035

Product Benefits

  • High precision stripping of buffers and coatings from glass fibre ribbon
  • Light and portable - for field use and work cell
  • Adjustable temperature heating and dwell time system

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    Technical Specification

    Schleuniger FS 7035The extremely light FibreStrip 7035 was specifically designed for use in a production environment or during the installation of cable systems with fibre ribbons with 2 up to 18 fibres. The FibreStrip 7035 handles strip lengths up to 35 mm.

    This handy machine serves as an ideal companion to cleaving and splicing devices for standard and high strength applications. The FibreStrip 7035 is the first stripper on the market with a motorized stripping stroke allowing for repeatable processes to be documented and completely eliminating operator variability.

    Acceleration and speed are also controlled by the stripping stroke ensuring consistent results. The unit additionally features a closed loop temperature control that ensures repeatable stripping quality. The FibreStrip 7035 accepts most common fusion splicer fiber holders. Only clamping and removal of the fibre ribbon are done manually, permitting simple and economical processing.

    Unmatched High Quality Stripping of Fibre Ribbons

    The FibreStrip 7035 simply is the best way to strip fibre ribbon. The heaters soften the fibre coatings, making them easier to strip. This economical stripping machine is also equipped with a status LED for better control as well as a stand-by function.