Schleuniger TransferLine SHU/TSM

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    Automatic and modular cable processing machines for the flexible configuration of various applications

    Benefit from our extensive experience in processing even the most delicate applications. We integrate our proven standard processes are integrated in fully automated transfer systems customized to your individual production requirements.

    Get the best of both worlds!

    A number of proven and standardized stations allow for the following functions:

    • Processing of 2- and 3-conductor power cords and cord sets according to various standards, including color recognition and orienting systems
    • Processing of cables, wires and twisted-pair cables for automotive applications such as airbag, ABS, temperature sensor, power lines, and others
    • Processing of a sequence of discrete wires with wire end processing and block loading
    • Electric testing and quality assurance of manufactured cables
    • Coiling and tying of cut and processed cables
    • Robotic systems for the further transport of the processed cables to third-party equipment such as Injection moulding machines

    Application Examples:

    Coaxial cable with Fakra connector

    90° Airbag connector on a Twisted Pair cable

    180° Airbag connector on a Jacketed cable

    ABS with Seal/Crimp configuration

    Cable assembly for Air fan motors with housing (hinged part)

    2-pole Seat belt switch with welded connections

    Jacketed cable or Single wires with IDC connector