Schleuniger WireTwist 1000

The WireTwist 1000 is a programmable twisting machine for twisting 2 or more single conductor wires from 0.25 mm² – 2.5 mm².  It accepts stripped or crimped wires either with or without seals. Twisting single wires gives the twisted wires a higher stability for easier wire routing and improved protection against electromagnetic interference.

The final twisted wire length depends on the wire diameter and the number of twists required. The minimum untwisted wire length is approximately 315 mm and approximately 4’000 mm maximum length. For processing wires up to 10 m, an optional extension unit is available (wire samples recommended).

Programming the WireTwist 1000 is simple. A clearly structured display allows forward and reverse twist capability with adjustable twisting speed. Parameters can be saved and loaded from the internal memory. This allows processing of different applications with high repeatability without compromising flexibility.

The WireTwist 1000 additionally features quick change-overs for different lengths and wire diameters, an integrated counter for batch and total pieces as well as additional memory to store order parameters. An integrated contact-free lenght-measuring system checks the wire length before and after twisting. Special adapters (e.g. for wires with terminal housings) or other special applications can be made according to customer specifications.