Schunk DS-20

Product Benefits

  • Adaptable to different welding applications
  • Ultrasonic welding and crimping all in one
  • simultaneous precompacting of up to 3 wire ends
  • Changeable welding device

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The DS-20 is a universal production machine for joining non-ferrous metals.  The modular design allows the system to be adapted to specific applications through modification of the welding system.  This enables a wide range of applications to be carried out, including special solutions such as the crimping of the strain relief on ground terminals following welding.

The compact design means the DS-20 can be used as a table unit or as part of a special purpose set-up.

The control unit, a high frequency generator and a PC are mounted on a rack.  The integrated dynamic process control ensures given tolerance ranges.  This ensures a high standard of welding quality, as well as process safety.