Schunk LS-60

Product Benefits

  • Robust machine with optimised cycle times
  • Process-secure insertion of the wires
  • Intelligent two-stage cooling system
  • Short tooling set-up times

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    The LS-60 is an economical and robust production system for welding copper s;lices with cross-sections between 10 and 60 mm².  It is designed as a tabletop machine and can be supplied with a table in sitting or standing version.  The lard work surface makes it easy to insert all wires throughout the range.  The anti-slide splice kit ensures their optimal alignment in the working area.

    Short cycle times are a feature of the LS-60.

    The patented dynamic process control enables adjustment of all the relevant process parameters within given tolerance ranges, which ensures high quality standards and process security.

    The controller, high frequency generator and PC are integrated in a 19″ housing