Schunk Minic-II

Product Benefits

  • Digital height-measuring system
  • ID-Chip for storage of module specific data
  • Automatic system alignment
  • Optimised cycle times

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Due to its compact design, the Minic-II can be used as a table top unit or integrated into automated systems.  Wire cross sections up to 30 mm² can be welded.

The servo-motor-controlled working area enables various cross sections to be welded easily.  Sequence welding is also possible.

An ID-Chip and digital height monitoring allows for the welding modules to be exchanged easily.  The ID-Chip stores all module specific data, which is configured via system alignment during installation.  For the production of customer specific wire harnesses, welding systems are linked with their PPS-systems, which increases production efficiency.  The control unit, a high frequency generator and a PC are mounted on a rack.  The integrated dynamic process control ensures given tolerance ranges.

The basic version can be expanded to include a cutting system.  This eliminates the possibility that splices with insufficient strength are further processed when manufacturing wire harnesses.