Cable Preparation, Wire Processing, Crimping and Surface Mount Production Equipment

With over 65 years experience Turner Electronics is the UK’s longest established independent distributor of Cable Preparation, Crimping and Surface Mount Production equipment.  We are the UK distributor for:-

Cable Preparation – Schleuniger (main agent), Z+F, GLW, WDT, KM Corporate, Telsonic, Ramatech, Ulmer, Brady, Arc, Kabatec, and Kabelmat.

Surface Mount – Autotronik, Mechatronika, and DDM Novastar.

Cable Processing and Accessories

Automatic cable processing equipment including machines to cut, strip, strip and crimp, process coax and fibre optic cable, as well as pre- and post- proccesing machines and ultrasonic welding machines.


Machines to strip and crimp; strip, crimp and seal; applicators, CFM, pull testers; crimp only presses; special application crimp tools and cut, strip and terminate machines; ferrule strip and crimp machines; ferrule crimping; terminal crimping.

Surface Mount

Pick and place machines, forced air convection reflow ovens, stencil printers and integrated packages, conventional and selective soldering machines. We are the sole UK distributor for Autotronik, Mechatronika, and DDM Novastar.

Through-hole Assembly

Bootlace Ferrules

We offer a full range of ferrules including: Insulated, Uninsulated, Tri-rated.

Ultrasonic Welding

Complete range of wire splicing machines from Telsonic, a world leader in ultrasonics. The Telso®Splice systems can splice wire cross sections from 0.26 to 75 mm². Typical applications of ultrasonic joining include wire splicing for wire harnesses and the compaction of wires in a broad range of industries.


Hob sizes from 12 mm OD (1/2") up to 75 mm OD (3"). Our stock hobs and cutters cover a range from 0.2 to 2 module and 10 DP to 150 DP. Turner Electronics are the sole UK Agents for the Swiss company of Schnyder SA we supply:- Gear Generating hobs, Thread Milling cutters, Shaper cutters.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing execution system (MES) offers advanced digitalisation of wire harness production. Innovative software solutions to optimise and control complex manufacturing and logistics processes for international manufacturers and support quality assurance and traceability.