The  Crimping machines we offer include strip and crimp; strip, crimp and seal; applicators, CFM, pull testers; crimp only presses; special application crimp tools; cut, strip and terminate machines; ferrule strip and crimp machines; ferrule crimping; terminal crimping.

Crimp Only Presses

A complete range of crimping machines from Schleuniger (UK Main Agent), and GLW.

Strip and Crimp Machines

Complete range of Strip and Crimp machines from Schleuniger (Main UK Agent), GLW, and Z & F

Seal-Crimp Machines

As the Main UK Agent for Schleuinger, Turner Electronics supply their Seal and Crimp Machines.

Crimp Applicators

Turner Electronics supply a complete range of Crimp Applicators from Schleuniger (Main UK Agent), and GLW.

Cut, Strip and Terminate Machines

Fully automatic swivel arm crimping machines for highspeed wire processing. Processing capabilities from cutting, stripping and crimping to sealing, twisting, tinning and printing.

Benchtop Crimping Machines

Pneumatic and Hydraulic crimping machines with a comprehensive range of standard applications, suitable for many different electrical terminals.

Crimp Quality Assurance

Crimp force monitoring, crimp height measuring and pullforce testing devices to fully integrated networks including software for central data management and analysis.

Ferrule Strip and Crimp Machines

Z + F Strip and crimp machines for loose insulated ferrules; loose, uninsulated ferrules; ferrules on reel; and twin ferrules. GLW strip and crimp machines for tape-mounted insulated wire end sleeves, and loose wire end sleeves with insulated crimps.