Crimp Only Presses

As the principle UK agent for Schleuniger we supply their complete range of crimping machines, and also crimping machines from KM Corporate.

Schleuniger UniCrimp 208

The UniCrimp 208 is a powerful crimping machine for side- and rear-feed terminals for wire cross-sections between 0.05 – 10.00 mm² (30 - 8 AWG). It processes terminals with up to 3.3 tons of force.

Schleuniger UniCrimp 500 B

The UniCrimp 500 is a programmable crimping machine with 5 tons of press forces.

Schleuniger UniCrimp 1100 B

With 11 tons of crimping force, the UniCrimp 1100 B is a programmable benchtop crimping machine for cable cross sections up to 35 mm² (2 AWG).

Schleuniger UniCrimp 2500 B

With the user-friendly control panel, operation of the UniCrimp 2500 B crimping machine is simple.

Schleuniger UniCrimp LPC B

The UniCrimp LPC B is a semi-automatic benchtop machine for processing turned loose piece terminals (closed barrel) with a cross section range from 0.14 – 4 mm² (AWG 26 – 12).

Schleuniger SLP 2000 T

The SLP 2000 T is a fully programmable crimping machine for wires up to 6 mm² (10 AWG).