Schleuniger UniCrimp 2500 B

Product Benefits

  • For processing large cable cross sections up to 50 mm² (0 AWG)
  • Features 25 tons of press force
  • For special applications (e.g. loose-piece terminals)
  • Short cycle times
  • Optional crimp force monitoring

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    Technical Specification

    Programmable Crimping Machine

    The UniCrimp 2500 B is a semi-automatic benchtop crimping machine with 25 tons of press force. It is ideally suited for special applications such as hexagonal forming of metal tube terminal ends for cables with a cross section up to 50 mm² (0 AWG). With the adequate options, the UniCrimp 2500 B equally processes banded terminals.

    In addition to the powerful UniCrimp 2500 B crimping press, Schleuniger also offers the appropriate HeavyCrimper XL special crimp applicator. It features a sturdy construction and guarantees highest accuracy and low maintenance costs.

    HeavyCrimper XL Crimp Applicator

    With the user-friendly control panel, operation of the UniCrimp 2500 B crimping machine is simple. The crimping process is either triggered by a two-handed trigger mechanism or by a foot pedal. Optionally, crimp force monitoring is available.

    For ease of set-up, the UniCrimp 2500 B features a creep mode. This enables the drive mechanism to be moved slowly backwards and forwards facilitating visual checking.

    Short Cycle Times

    The UniCrimp 2500 B features a proven combined crank/knee lever drive for fast closing of the crimp applicator. This guarantees short cycle times and an ideal forming process during the actual terminal crimping.