Schleuniger UniCrimp 500 B

Product Benefits

  • For processing large cable cross sections up to 16 mm² (6 AWG)
  • For processing rear and side feed banded terminals
  • Short cycle times
  • Quick-change applicator base plate
  • Optional crimp force monitoring

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    Technical Specification

    Programmable Crimping Machine

    The UniCrimp 500 is a programmable crimping machine with 5 tons of press forces. It processes both rear and side feed banded terminals (open or closed barrel type) for cable cross sections up to 16 mm² (6 AWG).

    Schleuniger also offers the required special crimp applicators for processing large cable cross sections. Their sturdy construction guarantees highest accuracy and low maintenance costs.

    Benchtop Machine or Crimping Station

    The UniCrimp 500 is available as stand-alone benchtop crimping press as well as crimping station for CrimpCenter 67 HD16 fully automatic cut strip terminate machine.

    UniCrimp 500 B

    Semi-automatic benchtop crimping press with optional crimp force monitoring. Accepts also standard crimp applicators.

    UniCrimp 500 A

    Crimping station for fully automatic crimping machine (CST) with optional crimp force monitoring.

    With the user-friendly control panel, operation of the UniCrimp 500 crimping machine is simple. The crimping process is triggered either by the CrimpCenter (UniCrimp 500 A) or by a foot switch respectively (UniCrimp 500 B). Crimp force monitoring is optionally available for both versions.

    For ease of set-up, the UniCrimp 500 features a creep mode. This enables the drive mechanism to be moved slowly backwards and forwards facilitating visual checking.

    Short Cycle Times

    The UniCrimp 500 features a proven combined crank/knee lever drive for fast closing of the crimp applicator. This guarantees short cycle times and an ideal forming process during the actual terminal crimping. For flexible applications, the UniCrimp 500 crimping machine is equipped with a quick-change applicator base plate.