Bootlace Ferrules

We offer a full range of ferrules including:

  • Insulated
  • Uninsulated
  • Tri-rated

The table below shows some of the range we supply.

If you would like further information and our very competitive prices, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8668 0821

Size mm2 Packing DIN Art.-No. T Art.-No. W Art.-No.
0.50 N 1,000 white A00555K white A00552K orange A00557B
0.75 N 1,000 grey A00755K blue A00752K white A00757K
1.00 N 1,000 red A01055K red A01052K yellow A01057K
1.50 N 1,000 black A01555K black A01552K red A01557K
2.50 N 500 blue A02555K grey A02552K blue A02557K
0.50 N 10 x 50 white A00555S white A00552S orange A00557S
0.75 N 10 x 50 grey A00755S blue A00752S white A00757S
1.00 N 10 x 50 red A01055S red A01052S yellow A01057S
1.50 N 10 x 50 black A01555S black A01552S red A01557S
2.50 N 10 x 50 blue A02555S grey A02552S blue A02557S