Cable Processing and Accessories

Turner Electronics offers a complete range of automatic cable processing equipment including machines to cut, strip, strip and crimp, process coax and fibre optic cable, as well as pre- and post- processing machines and ultrasonic welding machines.


High precision cutting of wires and cables including cables with tough insulations, flat ribbon cable or glass optical fiber (GOF) cables with Kevlar. Other materials such as tubing or profiles can also be processed.

Cable & Wire Stripping

Semi-automatic cable and wire stripping machines with a processing range from 0.03 - 16 mm2 (32 - 6 AWG).

Cut and Strip

Processing of single conductor wire, multi-conductor cable, shielded cable, coaxial cable, flat ribbon cable, glass optical fibre (GOF) cable and plastic optical fibre (POF) cable applications.

Cable Accessories

SCHLEUNIGER prefeeding, wire marking, inkjet printing, labeling, wire stacking, cable coiling and tying; ARC binding machines; KABATEC taping and bundling machines; KABELMAT re-reeling and cable bundling machines.


Programmable stand-alone wire twisting machines to twist two or more single wires and cables.

Transfer Systems

Schleuniger is the leading supplier of customised solutions for challenging applications in the wire processing industry. The TransferLine modular concept offers a new approach to economical cable and wire assembly production