Transfer Systems

Schleuniger is the leading supplier of customised solutions for challenging applications in the wire processing industry. Those solutions are based on the Schleuniger transfer system, TransferLine. The modular concept offers a new approach to economical cable and wire assembly production for high-speed data cables, sensor cables, antenna signals and automotive safety connections.

Schleuniger Transfer Line Family S50

The modular and scalable S50 can be easily adapted to your production needs on several levels. Processing stations can be changed easily and ultra-fast with a slide-out and slide-in mechanism.

Schleuniger Transfer Line Family S70

The S70 is a fully automated modular platform for HV applications. It is the first platform to handle complex coaxial and multiconductor cable applications on the same machine configuration.

Schleuniger TransferLine SHU

The TransferLine is Schleuniger’s accurate and flexible linear transfer system for automatically processing 2- to 4-conductor cables, single wires and coaxial cables. The modular and standardised design of the basic system ensures cost-effective solutions and enables precise tailoring to the application.