Schleuniger Transfer Line Family S70

Product Benefits

  • Fully modular and scalable
  • Smart process control
  • Only one operator required for the whole process
  • User and maintenance friendly
  • Universal clamping grippers

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    Fully Automated Modular Platform for HV Applications

    Automation is the key to meeting the high demands in the wire processing industry in terms of quality, price and performance.

    The S70 is the first platform to handle complex coaxial and multiconductor cable applications on the same machine configuration. Fully automatic and with flexibly integrable quality control, which is enhanced by artificial technology.

    On the standardised base unit, the processing stations can be used depending on the desired degree of automation of the process steps. An individual platform can thus be configured from several base units. The S70 offers true modularity with and unlimited number of processing stations available.

    It thus optimises the entire machining process, the machinery, and the personnel and space requirements in the plant.

    The open architecture enables the platform to be used for many years and safeguards your investment.


    The S70 is designed for different types of multiconductor and coaxial cables and connectors. The universal clamping grippers have been designed to fit a wide range of cable sizes and mean no changeover  is required when switching between different cross sections. The S70 has a much faster cycle time compared with the bench-top machines and only requires one operator for the whole automated platform.