Schleuniger UniCrimp LPC B

Product Benefits

  • High precision & repeatability according to MIL spec 22520
  • Short cycle times
  • Change-over of terminal type in < 5 minutes
  • Crimp depth step-less adjustable
  • Different operating modes selectable (single step, full cycle, discharge)

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    Technical Specification

    Crimping Machine for Loose Piece Terminals

    The UniCrimp LPC B is a semi-automatic benchtop machine for processing turned loose piece terminals (closed barrel) with a cross section range from 0.14 – 4 mm² (AWG 26 – 12).

    A combined drum / track system feeds, sorts and separates the loose piece terminals and subsequently brings them into the correct crimping position. Modular change-over kits reduce machine downtime to a minimum and allow flexible processing of different terminal sizes and geometries (male / female).

    Depending on the terminal feeding type, the UniCrimp LPC B is available in 3 versions:


    Feeding Type 1

    Terminals suspended with crimp zone (C) up

    Feeding Type 2

    Terminals horizontal with crimp zone (C) leading or trailing

    Feeding Type 3

    Terminals suspended with crimp zone (C) down

    Next to common MIL-standard crimp applicators, Schleuniger offers an innovative alternative: the 4 pin – 8-point crimp of the PAWO PrismaCrimper with integrated step-less crimp depth adjustment and the possibility of integrating crimp force monitoring.

    Feeding process with terminal gripper

    High-precision mechanics combined with proven sorting & feeding technology, integrated process monitoring, short cycle times, and simple operation make the UniCrimp LPC B a reliable solution tailored to individual production requirements for flexible high-precision processing of loose piece terminals.

    The UniCrimp LPC B is also available as automatic crimping station for fully automatic crimping machines (UniCrimp LPC A) and as stripper-crimper (StripCrimp LPC).