Schleuniger SLP 2000 T

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight construction for easy handling & highest precision
  • Standard tool-less, incremental crimp height adjustment (micro-adjust)
  • Front adjustable transport feed (rear & side feed applicators)
  • Mechanical ejector design avoiding dual crimping
  • Virtually unlimited application range

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    Technical Specification

    Programmable Crimping Machine

    The SLP 2000 T is a fully programmable crimping machine for wires up to 6 mm² (10 AWG). Originally designed for fully automatic high-speed processing, this semi-automatic version of the SLP 2000 features very short cycle times and crimps both side and rear feed terminals with all standard mini-style applicators.

    The SLP 2000 T comes standard with integrated crimp force monitoring and TCP/IP networking interface.

    Maximize Your Productivity

    The SLP 2000 T is integral part of Schleuniger’s innovative Tooling Shuttle System for CrimpCenter fully automatic crimping machines. Because its press design is identical with the SLP 2000 CP and SLP 2000 C crimping stations for CrimpCenter fully automatic crimping machines, the SLP 2000 T can be used to setup crimp applicators and corresponding press parameters for the CrimpCenter – while the machine is producing.

    Simple network connection via standard TCP/IP allows sending of programmed parameters to the CrimpCenter. Depending on how often you need to change applicators during production, using TSS can increase your CrimpCenter’s productivity by 30% and more.

    Efficient Semi-Automatic Crimping

    Benchtop production with the SLP 2000 T means harvesting the fruits of a high-speed production design: extremely short cycle times, consistent production quality and exceptional reliability. Additional features are:

    • precision crimp height adjustment in small increments

    • split cycle capability

    • selection of 7 different processing speeds (including slow motion for setup)

    • integrated crimp force monitoring

    • crimp carrier strip cutter (optional)