Benchtop Crimping Machines

Pneumatic and Hydraulic crimping machines with a comprehensive range of standard applications, suitable for many different electrical terminals.


Due to its exceptional price/performance ratio, the UP 14 pneumatic crimp machine series with radial closing mechanism is the ideal starter model for the mechanical processing of loose contacts. With a crimp force of around 1.4 tons, these ergonomic machines are able to process most small electrical contacts without any problem

GLW EC 65 Electro Crimper

The EC 65 is a 10 kN bench-top electric crimper press for various types of contacts. The carrying handle and lightweight construction make the EC 65 perfect for mobile use. It is well suited for complex cable harness assemblies.


The UP 35/SSC pneumatic crimp machines with parallel closing mechanism offer maximum user-friendliness with optimal safety and crimp quality for small to medium-sized cross-sections.

SSC Swiss Safety Crimp Machine

Maximum ease of use with optimum safety was the challenge when newly developing this pneumatic crimp machine for loose contacts. Based on the proven WDT Machine UP 35 the Swiss Safety Crimp Machine was created with the newly developed and patent protected safety mechanism.

UP 65

The compact UP 65 is designed with- out compromise and includes a newly developed, integrated hydraulic unit. It saves space, is quiet and can be installed easily. The hydraulic machine UP 65 has advantages in many areas when compared to standard eccentric presses

WDT UP 150

The WDT UP 150 by Wezag can process cross-sections up to 400 mm², making it perfect for battery cables, automotive and industrial applications. With a crimping force of 150 kN, the UP 150 offers the highest level of cable crimping and integrates crimp force monitoring, network-compatible and controllable authorisation levels.