GLW EC 65 Electro Crimper

Product Benefits

  • Flexible crimping of contacts
  • Works without compressed air
  • Crimping dies can be easily changed
  • Suitable for mobile use thanks to the carrying handle and lightweight
  • Easy crimping thanks to positioning aids

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    Technical Specification


    The EC 65 is a 10 kN bench-top electric crimper press for various types of contacts. The crimping process is actuated via a foot switch. This leaves the operator’s hands free to insert the conductor and contact. The contact can be fixed before the crimping process via the two-step operating mode. Even complex contacts can thus be processed easily and precisely. The crimp-cycle monitoring function guarantees consistently high quality. The carrying handle and lightweight construction make the EC 65 perfect for mobile use. The dies can be easily changed in a few simple steps. In addition to a large number of standard dies, special designs are also possible. The short cycle time of 1 s ensures quick crimping of terminals.

    The EC 65 is an ideal device to securely crimp wires and cable terminals such as:

    • Insulated cable lugs to 6 mm2 / 10 AWG
    • Tubular cable lugs, solderless terminals to 10 mm2 / 8 AWG
    • Flat tab terminals to 6 mm2 / 10 AWG
    • Wire end sleeves to 50 mm2 / 1 AWG

    The EC 65 can be operated in one of two modes.

    Mode 1: controls the entire crimp process by pressing down the pedal switch.

    Mode 2: allows the user to fix the terminal on the cable by actuating the foot switch once. To finish the crimping process, he presses down the foot switch once again. Mode 2 is used for more complex terminals.

    The onset of compression force can be adjusted for each new terminal to satisfy crimp integrity. That way, damage to dies and terminals can be minimised.

    Simply press a button to select the opening for each die.

    Locator Device

    Since some female terminals are more difficult to crimp, a moveable locator can be utilised to ensure proper crimping.

    Crimp Dies

    You can choose from a wide range of standard and special dies for all your requirements