UP 65

Product Benefits

  • Highest crimp power for big applications (for example Battery cable)
  • Compact design and low set-up times
  • Quick and tool free change of the adapter
  • Dimensions: 558 x 238 x 588 mm (UP 65)/ 290 x 220 x 510 mm (UP 66)
  • Weight: 160 kg (UP 65)/165 kg (UP 66)
  • All versions according to EU-Guideline 2011/65/EU (ROHS 2) and are CE-compliant

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    UP-65The compact UP 65 is designed with- out compromise and includes a newly developed, integrated hydraulic unit. It saves space, is quiet and can be installed easily. The hydraulic machine UP 65 has advantages in many areas when compared to standard eccentric presses (space requirements, quietness, user-friendliness, accuracy, flexibility, fitting time and others).

    Thanks to the integrated hydraulic unit and operation with conventional 220 V/240 V power (110 V/120 V), the UP 65 can be used anywhere and at any time as a universal plug-and-play solution.With the high crimp force of 150 kN the hydraulic WDT crimp machines are optimally prepared for growing requirements – such as large cross-sections up to 400 mm2 on battery cables for electric and hybrid vehicles.