GLW MC 25 Strip and Crimp Machine

Product Benefits

  • Insulation strip and crimp in 1.5s
  • Lightweight
  • Portable

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Technical Specification

Efficient processing of tape-mounted insulated wire end sleeves

• With its 12 kg, MC 25 is a very lightweight tool, and thanks to its carrying handle it can be moved easily between different job sites.

• It does not require pressurised air, but only a 230 V mains connection.

• It takes only 1.5 seconds to crimp and strip the insulation.

• The MC 25 processes wire end sleeves with a cross section of 0.5 to 2.5 square millimetres and a standard length of 8 mm.

• You can change the applicatior for the diameter of the sleeves in a matter of seconds without any additional tools. Just snap it in and off you go!

• All applicators are clearly arranged in a kit that comes with the crimper.

• Reliable operation thanks to an advanced microprocessor-controlled cam drive.

• The stripping unit is fitted with V-blades. It can be used for most commercially available conductors.

• Tape-mounted wire end sleeves are fed into the machine via a dispenser fitted to its right side.