Schleuniger SealCrimp 210 B

Product Benefits

  • High output
  • Flexible use: selectable operating modes
  • Short change-over times
  • Precision & repeatability
  • Simple operation

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    Technical Specification

    Stripping, Sealing and Crimping Machine

    The SealCrimp 210 B is a highly flexible benchtop machine for stripping, sealing, and crimping a great variety of different wire sizes up to 2.5 mm². The machine can process a great variety of crimp terminals and seal types including mini seals and hard-shell seals. Due to its modular design it can also be used as a stripper, stripper-crimper, or a crimping machine.

    Setup of processing parameters such as stripping length, incision depth and seal position is simple and precise. High-quality components and precision-built machine design guarantee reliable processes and high repeatability at short cycle times – and provide for a long machine life time.

    The machine features integrated quality assurance and comes standard with crimp force monitoring, zero-cut function, carrier strip cutter and bad piece cutter.

    Stripping Unit




    Crimping Unit




    Fast & Flexible

    Seal-kits for almost all types of seals, exchangeable stripping cassettes which can be equipped with standard V-blades or die blades and a quick-change applicator base plate assure a simple and quick change-over between different applications. Unproductive machine downtime is therefore reduced to a minimum.


    Change-over Seal-Kit




    The SealCrimp 210 B accepts standard crimp applicators such as the Schleuniger Uni-A. All change-over kits are fully compatible with Schleuniger sealing stations used on fully automatic crimping machines.

    Simple Operation

    Operating the SealCrimp 210 B is simple with a user-friendly multi-lingual handheld device with clearly structured user interface that also displays all crimp force monitoring results during operation. The navigation via menu and programmable buttons allows a fast and direct access. All parameters can be set directly, incl. press speed, vibrator and timer. The access is protected with passwords or key cards (option) for various user levels.


    Handheld device




    Integrated Quality Assurance

    Crimp force monitoring and additional quality assurance functions are all standard with the SealCrimp 210 B. If a faulty crimp is detected by the integrated crimp force monitoring, the bad piece cutter automatically destroys the wire immediately. All rejected parts are collected separately from other waste such as insulation pieces or cut carrier strips. Optionally, the presence of a seal prior to each seal assembly can be monitored to prevent scrap production (SealCheck function).