Schleuniger CoaxStrip 5300 RX

Product Benefits

  • Very fast processing speed
  • High precision rotary stripping of extremely thin wires with up to 9 steps
  • No maintenance-related machine downtimes due to integrated vacuum system
  • Fully programmable - up to 1'000 memory locations
  • Menu guided programming with user-friendly graphical display

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    Technical Specification

    CoaxStrip 5300RXThe CoaxStrip 5300 RX strips wires and cables that would be virtually impossible to strip by hand, with inner conductors ranging from 0.07 mm (AWG 42) up to 2 mm maximum cable outer diameter (O.D.) at a maximum stripping length of 29 mm.

    The unique stripping head design combines universal stripping blades with a universal centering system. This allows the CoaxStrip 5300 RX to process even the smallest wires and cables within with no blade change whatsoever.


    The machine can use a 2 or 4 blade system (depending on your application) and features Schleuniger’s innovative wayback, virtually eliminating scraping and maximizing stripping quality and performance. The patented stripping head is precision-built to guarantee unparalleled stripping quality and repeatable results.

    An integrated vacuum system with slug container automatically removes even the smallest waste pieces inside the stripping head, to prevent maintenance-related machine downtime.

    To guarantee short operator training times, the CoaxStrip 5300 RX can be programmed intuitively with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Its high-resolution monochrome display allows the user to view a schematic diagram of the cable end, complete with programmed dimensions.

    In order to make handling of different wire lists even easier, the Iguana PC software is included in the scope of delivery. Using Iguana all data can be backed up conveniently on a regular PC.