Schleuniger UniStrip 2015

Product Benefits

  • Extremely short cycle times
  • No blade changeover necessary
  • Strips very short cables
  • Simple machine operation
  • Robust and reliable

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    Technical Specification

    The UniStrip 2015 is a pneumatic wire and cable stripping machine and the perfect solution for stripping discrete wires and small multiconductor cables up to 3.2 mm (0.12″) O.D. The compact machine strips lengths up to 20 mm (0.78″).

    The UniStrip 2015 has been proven thousands of times over to process wires and cables. The machine operates with extremely fast cycle times and features a universal blade system that eliminates time consuming changeovers. Absolute precision, high cost effectiveness, and a very short return on investment are the main characteristics of this machine. The compact and slender design allows for several units to be used on one workstation and has proven most efficient particularly when processing wire harnesses and multicore cable.


    The pneumatically operated UniStrip 2015 is a highly portable machine and strips most insulation types with just one set of blades for greater efficiency. It excels with its compact design, fast cycle times and infinite settings for conductor diameters, stripping and pull-off lengths.

    Operating the UniStrip 2015 is extremely simple. After insertion, the cable makes contact with the sensor, which then actuates the visual controllable stripping process. Due to the minimal distance between the acrylic safety cover and the stripping blades, the UniStrip 2015 can perform stripping on extremely short wires and cables.


    • Stranded Wire
    • Solid Wire
    • Single-Conductor Cable
    • Rubber
    • Cable
    • Kapton
    • Discrete Wire
    • PUR
    • PVC
    • Teflon®
    • Tefzel®