LS 60V Technical Specifications

Product Benefits

  • Cost effective solution
  • Placement rates up to 4800CPH
  • The best GUI (graphical user interface) in its class
Max board size: 13.5” x 32” (343mm x 813mm)
Smallest component capability: 0201 components
Largest component size: 2.00″ (50mm sq.)
Placement accuracy: ± 0.001” (0.025mm)
Max placement rate: 4800 cph
Typical verifiable placement rate: 2500-3600 cph
Fine pitch capability: To 15 mil pitch (0.381mm)
Max travel area: 22” (X axis) x 32” (Y axis) (560mm x 813mm)
Overall dimensions: 40” x 52” x 53” h (1016mm x 1321mm x 1346.2mm)
Max no. of feeders (8mm tape): 88
Max no. of feeders with L-GB-12 bank feeders: 132
Tape feeders: 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44 mm (Electrical)
Vibratory Feeders: Loose, tube, stick (frequency & amplitude control)
Matrix Tray Feeders: With Board/Matrix tray holders
Laser Centering: Touchless Cyberoptics® laser
Vision system: Cognex® Vision
Dispenser Option: Up to 10,000 dots/hour