MX70 Technical Specification

Product Benefits

  • Vision Centering
  • Fully automated placing
  • Automatic fiducials correction and bad mark sensing
  • Automatic change of nozzles
  • Automatic feeding of bulk / loose components
  • Pick & Place data can be entered manually in TEACH-IN mode or can be converted from various CAD data systems
  • Good price to performance ratio


Placement area 330 x 500 mm


64 feeders of 8 mm tapes + 30 sticks of SO8


Range from 0201 to 35 x 35 mm

Pitch up to 0.5 mm

Component packing

Tapes 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm, 32 mm, 44 mm

Sticks SO8–PLCC84


Bulk / loose components

Placement rate

2000 – 2400 cph

Placement accuracy

Better than 0.08 mm

Nozzle changer

Automatic, 8 nozzles

Automatic sensing of nozzle presence

XY resolution

5µm, (linear encoders as standard)

Vision system

Automatic fiducial correction

Automatic bad mark sensing

Automatic bulk components feeding

Touchless component centering

Angle resolution


Control Panel

LCD 17’’ screen




Data import from CAD

Dispensing head (glue/paste)

Tape strips feeder

Bulk / loose components feeder

Dimensions and weight

750 x 1100 x 1350 mm,

150 kg

Power Supply

230 V, 50 Hz, 400 W

Compressed Air Supply

0,6 MPa, 20 l/min