Mechatronika MD50vs

Product Benefits

  • Fully automated dispensing
  • Integrated vision system for Teach-in mode programming, automatic fiducial correction and bad mark recognition
  • Precise needle height adjustment
  • Built-in needle thermostat for reliable paste and liquids dispensing
  • Linear encoders for high accuracy and repeatability
  • Easy to use Microsoft Windows XP based control system with third CAD text files import capability for increased productivity
  • Excellent price to performance ratio and low TCO

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    Technical Specification

    Mechatronika’s MD50vs Liquid Dispensing System is a versatile automatic machine for dispensing solder paste, glue or virtually any viscous substances.

    High quality rigid construction, ease of programming and excellent price to performance ratio make the MD50vs perfectly suited for small and middle scale production lines.

    The MD50vs combines mechanical accuracy with high quality pattern recognition system built into easy to use and powerful programming software. MD50vs productivity and flexibility, quick change-over and low maintenance requirements drive down total cost of ownership (TCO) to the level demanded by today’s cost-sensitive production environments.