2000HT Conveyor Reflow Oven Technical Specifications

Product Benefits

  • Status light tower included
  • Easy lift clamshell hood design with gas strut assist
  • Reflow oven is Lead and Lead-free compatible
Max board width:   20” (508mm)
Max board height:   1.375” (35mm)
Heating zones:   6 top, 6 bottom
Max temperature:   400°C (752° F)
Heat tunnel length:   72″ (1829mm)
CyclonicsTM (forced air):   Twelve (12)
Conveyor extensions:   Option
Cooling station(s) :   Four (4)
Venting:   Three 4” (102mm) dia. Flanges, 200 CFM (340m3/h) each
Cooling Zone Venting:   Four (4)
Nitrogen option:   Yes
PC Interface:   Included
Overall dimensions (L x W x H):   122″ x 46″ x 50″ (3099mm x 1168mm x 1270mm)