GF-12HT Benchtop Technical Specifications

Product Benefits

  • 100 menu profile storage
  • Lead-free solder reflow capable
  • Nitrogen gas inerting option available
  • Compatible with Lead and Lead-free reflow applications
Max board width:   12” (305mm)
Max board height:   1.375” (35mm)
Heating zones:   3 top, 3 bottom
Max temperature:   350°C (662°F)
Heat tunnel length:   26” (660mm)
CyclonicsTM (forced air):   Six (6)
Conveyor extensions:   Option
Cooling station(s) :   One (1)
Venting:   4” flange, 100 CFM max.
Cooling Zone Venting:   NA
Nitrogen option:   Yes
PC Interface:   Optional
Overall dimensions (L x W x H):   39” x 32” x 19”H (990mm x 813mm x 483mm)