DDM Novastar GF-B-HT

Product Benefits

  • All stainless steel interior construction
  • Nitrogen gas inerting option available
  • Compatible with Lead and Lead-free soldering applications

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    Technical Specification

    Cost-effective batch reflow oven utilizing forced air convection heating technology with individual time and temperature controls makes profile set up quick and easy. The GF-B-HT is a high temperature model capable of lead and lead-free soldering.

    This unique shuffle system enables a higher throughput than standard batch ovens. Both sides of the oven have a cooling station. While one board is being processed, another board can be cooled and off-loaded, then a third board can be loaded and shuttled into the chamber for reflow.

    The large window allows the operator to see the board throughout the entire reflow process.

    Unique shuttle system enables higher throughput than standard batch ovens.

    Maximum board size is 12″ x 12″ (305mm x 305mm).