OC3950 Cut To Length

The Schleuniger  automatic cutter OC 3950 is a powerful, fast and precise solution for the cutting of wires, tubing and other suitable materials. The OC 3950 is economical, compact and simple to use.  Programming and operation is performed through the user-friendly control panel. The feed rollers can be opened or closed pneumatically and the contact pressure can be varied. This prevents the material from slipping and guarantees high length cutting and repetition accuracy.

 Special Features:

  • The productivity can be increased by processing multiple wires simultaneously.
  • The machine can also be configured to operate an external wire marking unit. It can further receive and process signals via the control input from an electric demand prefeed or another auxiliary unit as well as be operated manually by a foot pedal.
  • Additional features include: selectable transport speed / length correction key / wire end switch / test function / batch quantity counter / mm/inch switch option
  • Cuts wire up to 4 AWG (21 mm2)
  • Cuts material up to a thickness of 15 mm (0.591″) diameter
  • Cuts flat materials up to 100 mm (3.94″) wide
  • Cuts fibre optic wire with optional carbide blades