Schleuniger OS9400 Cut & Strip

The OmniStrip 9400 is Schleuniger’s automatic wire cutting and stripping machine. It offers precise, repeatable stripping quality, high processing speed, high stripping and cutting power, cost saving flexibility, simple operation as well as almost unlimited processing possibilities are all remarkable features of this machine.

The OmniStrip 9400 is fully system-compatible, meaning that it can be combined with Schleuniger feeding, marking and stacking systems to a complete wire processing line. The *CAN-bus interface enables exact coordination of the system components for optimal operation.

The OmniStrip 9400 is easy to operate. The clear graphical display shows the wire that is to be processed including the desired parameters. The machine settings for all common wire sizes are preprogrammed and can be easily selected from the library. All parameters (this is particularly important for special applications) can be individually programmed via the menu. All-purpose The unique, patented blade system permits simultaneous use of several pairs of blades: processing may be performed using V-blades, radius blades, custom die blades, cable-specific stripping blades and slitting tools. This permits almost unlimited stripping possibilities.

The OS9400 can process wires up to 11 mm (0.44″) in diameter with pull-off lengths up to 120 mm (4.72″) . The machine can process lengths from 45mm to 1,000m and has a production throughput of 5,500 pieces per hour (100mm length with 5mm partial pull-off both ends).

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