Schleuniger StripCrimp 200

Product Benefits

  • Fully programmable stripping unit with wayback and recut function
  • Economical & user-friendly
  • Quick-release applicator base plate for easy change-over
  • Job memory for all cable parameters and functions
  • Split cycle capability for closed barrel contacts

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    Technical Specification

    Precision At Its Best

    The fully programmable StripCrimp 200 machine is suitable for high precision stripping and subsequent crimping of side- or rear-feed terminals for wires between 30 – 12 AWG (0.05 – 4.00 mm²).  The machine can be used as an automatic stripper crimper or within fully automatic transfer systems and runs fast, quietly and safely.

    Flexibility and User-friendliness

    All stripping parameters and special functions are programmable through a user-friendly operating panel. All relevant parameters are displayed on the multi-lingual display.

    The user is guided through the intuitive menus so the parameters for a wide range of applications can be entered easily and efficiently. Furthermore, the menu structure helps to minimize entry errors and maximize productivity. The StripCrimp 200 includes a program memory for all stripping parameters. Finally, all stripping slugs are removed by a suction device and discarded through the side of the machine.

    Thanks to the quick-change base plate applicators are changed in seconds. Crimp height can be easily adjusted on the press with the standard fine-adjust (micro-adjust) mechanism. Wayback and recut are additional functions which can be enabled software-wise and therefore make the unit even more versatile.

    Quick-change base plate

    The user can program piece and batch counters and for special jobs, the machine can be switched to different modes such as “crimp only”, “strip only” and “short outer jacket”. In the short outer jacket mode in combination with the special cable clamping kit mounted on the UNI-A applicator, it is possible to produce multi-conductor cables with very short break-out lengths.

    Infinitely Versatile

    A particular Schleuniger speciality is the customer-specific tooling of applicators. Our crimping specialists have a long history of finding solutions for even the most difficult to process terminals. Customers from all over the world enjoy the benefits of working with Schleuniger high precision applicators. More than 20,000 sold applicators for more than 6,000 different types of terminals from all major terminal manufacturers are our best reference.

    The StripCrimp 200 will accept all mechanical and pneumatic UNI-A applicators as well as most side or rear feed standard mini-style applicators.