Schleuniger US2500 Wire Strip

The UniStrip 2500 is a pneumatic stripping machine that can process wires, cables and a wide variety of special cables. The machine operates with extremely fast cycle times and features a universal blade system that eliminates time consuming changeovers.

Absolute precision, high cost effectiveness, and a very short return on investment are the main characteristics of this machine.

The compact and slender design allows for several units to be used on one workstation and has proven most efficient particularly when processing wire harness and multi-core cable.

The machine comes as standard with V-blades, which are the optimum solution for any ordinary stripping of stranded wire with no blade changeover necessary.

Through the use of special blades, the range of applications can be expanded to include flat ribbon cable, double-stranded wire, thin multi-stranded wire or demanding (though delicate, thin) isolations.

The adjustable way-back prevents the conductor from being damaged during the stripping process.

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UniStrip 2500 Technical Specifications

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