Schleuniger CoaxCenter 6000

Unbeatable Quality in Micro-Coaxial and Coaxial Cable Processing.

The new CoaxCentre 6000 is a fully automatic machine for processing micro-coaxial and coaxial cables as well as single conductor wires. The new design concept provides unbeatable precision combined with the flexibility and versatility needed in modern production lines. It can be equipped with various processing stations to suit your requirements. A high production output is possible due to the short changeover times, fast and simple set-up and simultaneous processing of both cable ends.

The CoaxCenter 6000 won the productronica Innovation Award 6000 in the Cables, Coils and Hybrids Cluster prevailing against renowned competitors in 2015. The CoaxCenter 6000 is the world’s first and currently the only machine system that enables micro-coaxial cables to be processed fully-automatically and with high precision.

The CoaxCenter 6000 systematically integrates and automates all the confection steps on a highly flexible machine platform. For the customer, this results in numerous benefits:

  • The machine offers the highest degree of stripping accuracy of all the solutions that are currently available on the market
  • Fully automatic monitoring of the stripping results using QCam 360
  • Production protocol with all the relevant process parameters including 3D images
  • Maximum degree of flexibility with regard to the integration of additional process steps, such as crimping, tinning, and window stripping

In addition to these technological and qualitative innovations, the CoaxCenter 6000 also achieves extremely high productivity: The output of this machine is at least three times higher than with manual and semi-automatic processes, and all this with considerably lower personnel and handling requirements and in perfect quality.


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