New Schleuniger Strip Series B340 Rotary Stripping Machine


The new Strip Series B340 replaces the highly-successful RotaryStrip 2400 with increased processing capabilities and a completely revised user interface. The Strip Series B340 stripping machine boasts a wide range of performance with an excellent price-performance ratio and offers unparalleled new possibilities in its price class.

Equipped with four rotary X-shaped blades, it processes simple stranded wires and multiconductor cables with a cross section from 0.013 to 16 mm² (36 – 5 AWG) and a diameter of up to 9 mm (0.35”), thus achieving a strip length of 80 mm (3.15”) and a pull-off length of 40 mm (1.57”).

Repeat accuracy, mechanical precision and short work cycles ensure high productivity. The blades and universal clamping jaws on the B340 can be used across the entire range of cable processing applications – machine downtimes due to changeovers are eliminated.

The focus on ergonomic operation and programming via a 5″ colour touch screen with good accessibility further increase productivity.

The B340 is quick to deploy and is extremely easy to operate without programming knowledge thanks to its state-of-the-art, user-friendly software interface.

Processing Capabilities

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