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    Manage Production Orders from a Central PC

    EASY ProductionServer is a software tool to optimize production for an unlimited number of CrimpCenter fully automatic crimping machines in a networked production environment.

    Management of production orders, production planning and real-time production monitoring can all be done centrally. Production orders are created in a central location and then assigned via network to connected CrimpCenters. The machine operators then don’t need to enter the production data on the machine – which reduces machine downtime and eliminates potential entry errors.

    Whether the machines are operated in a single plant or are located in several plants all over the world – order management with EASY ProductionServer is location-independent.

    The software can automatically optimize the sequence of the orders and the allocation of orders to the machines. This capability ensures high machine productivity with short changeover times. Jobs are only assigned to machines of the proper configuration and orders can be prioritized to suit demand.

    CrimpCenter production or quality data can be automatically logged and saved centrally in Microsoft® Excel format for further analysis and traceability. Log reports can be customized to meet the needs of multiple departments (e.g. order run time, production quantity, quality, material usage, etc.).

    EASY ProductionServer can be used for all CrimpCenter models and is the perfect addition to the ToolingShuttle System (TSS). That way, orders can be assigned to a TSS Workstation for quality testing before they are released for production or quality-relevant data such as crimp height adjustment values can be sent to a CrimpCenter together with the order data.

    More about ToolingShuttle System (TSS)

    Screenshot EASY ProductionServer software



    • Order management, production planning and real-time production monitoring from a central location
    • Graphical user interface with Drag & Drop
    • Data import of order- and article data in XML format from Microsoft® Excel


    • Management of an unlimited number of locations and CrimpCenter machines / models
    • Automatic optimization of order sequence and order allocation
    • Simple integration in existing company networks with standard TCP/IP protocol
    • Integrated release process for the use of TSS Workstations


    • Recording / protocolling of production data can be fully customized to your needs
    • Order data from ERP systems (e.g. SAP®) can be converted and imported in EASY ProductionServer