Schleuniger Tooling Shuttle System

Product Benefits

  • Change-over in less than 60 seconds
  • For all standard crimp applicators (tooling)
  • Retro-fittable for all CrimpCenter models
  • Simple and quick handling without additional tools
  • Modular concept: expand system according to your requirements

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    Modular System with Plug & Crimp™

    The ToolingShuttle System (TSS) is a modular system to minimize change-over times of CrimpCenter fully automatic crimping (CST) machines and consists of the following main components:



    Mobile quick-change unit



    Mobile storage rack for several ToolingShuttle


    TSS Workstation

    External work station for setup of ToolingShuttle units


    with installed Plug & Crimp™ Adapter Kit


    The Plug & Crimp™ Adapter Kit can be retrofitted for all CrimpCenter models of the 6-Series at any given time.

    Because the ToolingShuttle System (TSS) accepts all standard crimp applicators (tooling), no additional investment in new applicators is required.

    Change-Over in less than 60 Seconds

    The ToolingShuttle is the heart of the system and combines crimp applicator, terminal reel and paper winder all in one mobile quick-change unit.

    Instead of exchanging those 3 elements individually, the entire change-over process can be done in one single step and in a matter of seconds simply by exchanging a complete ToolingShuttle. When frequently changing applications, this will reduce your change-over times (= machine downtime) significantly and boost your productivity.

    There are 2 models available of the ToolingShuttle: The ToolingShuttle 61 is suitable for all models of the CrimpCenter 6-Series while the ToolingShuttle 30 has been designed for the 3-Series.

    The sturdy lightweight construction of the ToolingShuttle is equipped with 2 wheels and 2 handles for optimum maneuverability in a production environment.


    Repeatability and Precision with Plug & Crimp™

    Innovative Plug & Crimp™ quick-change technology for High Performance 6-Series allows exchange of a ToolingShuttle 61 in less than 30 seconds and without any additional tools.

    The unique fastening mechanism guarantees highest positioning accuracy of the crimp applicator in the crimping station (crimp press) without any quality losses. Specialist knowledge for exchanging a ToolingShuttle 61 is not required.

    TSS Workstation: Setup & Quality Assurance

    Complete setup of crimp applicator, terminal reel and paper winder (all mounted on a ToolingShuttle) is done at a TSS Workstation. All setup work and quality inspection testing can be done WHILE production is running on your CrimpCenter machine.

    TSS Workstation





    The TSS Workstation consists of the following components:

    • Benchtop crimping machine
    • Pullforce measuring device PullTester 25
    • Crimp height measuring device CHM
    • PC with touch screen and EASY QualityCenter software

    A sample crimp is produced on the crimping machine and automatically compared to set tolerances using the integrated crimp force monitoring of the press.

    Then the quality of the sample crimp is checked on the quality testing devices. Measured values are compared to required quality standards and corrections on the crimp applicator can be done and verified immediately if necessary.

    After completion of the setup and quality assurance measures, the “prepared” ToolingShuttle is removed from the crimp machine with Plug & Crimp™ and is now ready to be used on any CrimpCenter (equipped with Plug & Crimp™).



    ShuttleRack with multiple ToolingShuttle






    To simplify handling of several ToolingShuttle units in the production environment, a moveable ShuttleRack is available. Depending on version, it can hold from 2 up to 8 ToolingShuttle units at the same time. Special versions are available on request.

    ToolingShuttle System (TSS): Modular Expansion

    You can further enhance the functionality of the ToolingShuttle System (TSS) with other components and functionalities according to your needs.

    The TSS Workstation can be networked with EASY ProductionServer so that production orders can be automatically assigned to a work station for quality inspection.

    Networking & EASY ProductionServer

    Additionally, ToolingShuttle units can be fitted with RFID or barcode. In a networked environment it is then possible to automatically identify individual ToolingShuttle units at both CrimpCenter machines and at the TSS Workstation. Machine operators are prompted to insert a specific ToolingShuttle for a particular order.

    To further enhance quality assurance the system is able to automatically detect whether the correct ToolingShuttle has been inserted in the correct crimping station for the order.

    Minimize Machine Downtime – Maximize Productivity

    The ToolingShuttle System (TSS) will already significantly reduce your change-over times WITHOUT any network integration!

    Especially for those customers, who frequently change applications on a single machine, the ToolingShuttle System (TSS) as a purely mechanical solution is likely to be the most economical solution that will yield a quick return on investment.

    To maximize all time saving potential, a full network integration can be implemented and production processes around the CrimpCenter machines can be optimized (e.g. distribution of production orders via network) by simultaneously implementing sustainable quality assurance measures (e.g. automatic RFID recognition).

    Contact your local Schleuniger partner to find the best solution for your needs

    Your local Schleuniger sales & service will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your production requirements. The modularity of the system allows you to grow the system along with the growth of your company.