WireStacker 1000 Technical Specifications

Product Benefits

  • Handles very small cables
  • Ideal low-cost solution for post-processing
  • Trouble free and efficient processing

Cable Size
Min.: 0.35 mm²
depending upon nature and structure of cable
Max.: 25.4 mm O.D.
Range of Wire Lengths Up to 3000 mm
Depending on cable, longer lengths are possible
Height of Wire Axis Adjustable from 610 mm up to 1’060 mm
Control Signal Requirements 24 VDC timed control signal
(The WireStacker 1000 is activated by an electric control signal released by an upstream Schleuniger cut & strip machine)
Air Pressure 70 – 90 psi
(Air pressure regulator/ gauge included)
Air Consumption < 0.03 m² / min. at 550 kPa (< 1 CFM at 80 psi)
Dimensions 3000 x 470 x 1’170 mm
Weight 55 kg
CE-Compatibility The WireStacker 1000 fully complies with all CE and EMC equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.
Note Specifications are subject to change without notice. Exceptions may apply depending on application, wire and other variables.