Schleuniger WireStacker 1000

Product Benefits

  • Handles very small cables
  • Ideal low-cost solution for post-processing
  • Trouble free and efficient processing

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    Technical Specification

    The WireStacker 1000 is a passive wire stacking system with guide channel and collecting tray. It handles cable lengths up to 3 m and wires as small as 0.34 mm2.

    After processing each wire, the cut & strip machine sends a signal to the stacker initiating the dropping of the wire from the guide channel into the collecting tray. All programming such as total and batch quantities is done on the cut & strip machine.

    The WireStacker 1000 is the ideal low-cost solution for the post-processing of both, short and long cables. It allows unattended operation. This wire stacker is optimized for use with Schleuniger cutting and cut & strip machines, thus permitting trouble-free and efficient processing.

    Give Your Processing Line the Edge!

    In order to maintain the quality of a carefully processed cable, it is highly recommended to use post-processing equipment such as a wire stacking or a cable coiling machine.

    Processing line with prefeeder (1), marker (2), processing machine (3) and wire stacker (4).