Schleuniger PreFeeder 1000 MX

Product Benefits

  • Specifically designed for very thin and flexible (micro coaxial) cable
  • Accepts reels or loose coils of wire
  • Feed rate automatically adjusts to the rate of demand
  • Motorized reel for tension-free dereeling

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    Technical Specification

    The PreFeeder 1000 MX handles 300 mm reels weighing up to 20 kg and has been specifically adapted for very thin wires ranging from 0.4 to 3.5 mm outer diameter.

    Like the PreFeeder 1000, the PreFeeder 1000 MX accepts reels and loose coils of wire alike.

    The motorized reel is electronically controlled. Activated by the special pendulum arm, the PreFeeder 1000 MX automatically adjusts the feed rate to the actual requirement of any downline machine (e.g. cut & strip machine) for tension-free prefeeding of even the smallest wires.

    The PreFeeder 1000 MX can be easily integrated into a processing line as a stand-alone system.

    Processing line: PreFeeder 1000 MX , CompactStrip 9200 MX